September 20, 2021

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eBay K40 CO2 Laser – Post Mortem of High Voltage Lase Tube Failure!

In this episode, we will be conditioning a bit of a post mortem of a recent video we created regarding the high voltage failure of a 40watt CO2 laser tube and resulting discharges (you can see the original video here: ). As this video was shared to demonstrate the “risks” of an eBay / k40 CO2 Laser and this generated a lot of conversation and with that wanted to follow up this discussions a little more.

People take electricity to lightly many times and my cousin Robbie when we were 14 died from electrocution in a manor many would say no that can’t happen, however it did. I have also lost another friend to electrocution and a third to sever electrical [flash] burns. These are risky devices and need to be treated seriously and with respect as with any tool however more so with their questionable implementation. So be safe as I need all of the subscribers I can get 🙂

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