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eBay K40 CO2 Laser – Upgrading The Intensity Control!

In this episode, we will be upgrading the Intensity control (a potentiometer) with higher grade carbon film unit which ordered form Amazon (see more here: ). Also as covered in a prior video, failure of this existing low quality potentiometer is the number one reason I have bumped into from view as to why their k40 lasers fail.

Update: As mentioned in the video, I initially used the large lock washer as a spacer because the potentiometer has a small protrusion to lock into place which is not used. So you could snip off, or spacer it out. Since I have a bunch of 3D printers. I printed a custom spacer as well I decided I did not like part of the original graphics showing the face with the new scale so I designed new cover also as you saw both as insets in the video. I have placed both of these on Thingiverse and My Mini Factory (see links below) in case you guy also want to try them out!


MyMiniFactory: Want to see what we are up to daily?

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