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JUMPER 37 – One Machine’s Search for Freedom!

Okay, for starters, this is NOT a tutorial but a documentary of re-flashing my Da Vinci 1.0a with 2.1.0 firmware with Repetier-Firmware-0.92. Now I know a thing or two about Arduino’s, programing and electronics and “if you decide to follow do so at your own risk”!

One note, if you do follow use **Ardunio 1.5.8** even if you back level to a beta version as 1.6.5. did not work for me on a Windows machine. I think I could have fixed it (belive it was the way it did the includes from the directory tree). However instead of spending hours, I simply back leveled to 1.5.8 and installed.

Also, I would suggest using the USB cable which came with the machine and either OSX or Windows 7 or above. I have put links to the two major resources I used below and if get an SAM-BA error when uploading, try a different machine.

This hack is **not for the faint of heart**, so again be warned as if you look at the comments on Dopesoner’s page for his video. About 20% or so (estimated from the comments) turn their $400 printer into a brick. It can happen!

Good, now if you decide to follow and remember Jumper 37 and its fight for freedom from the firmware overlords…

Read/Download this first:luc-github/Repetier-Firmware-0.92

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