September 20, 2021

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Ortur Laser – Detailed Build Instructions in Less Than 15 minutes!

In this episode, we will be providing detailed build instructions for the Ortur Laser Master II (see more here: ) and while this is the 20 Watt (input) version, the major of the build will apply to all versions (i.e. 7w/15w/20w) of the time. This is a step by build along video which will take you from start to finish!

Easy Link to Ortur Laser Master Manuals:

Add-On ORTUR Laser Master 2, Laser Engraver Y-axis Rotary Roller Engraving Module

Build Notes:

1. Read instructions (easy link to online manuals: ) and follow all safety guidelines.
2. The acrylic on the newer verses seems to be thinker so the old 3D printed cable managers might not fit so look for an updated version on the Design Store ( )

Also be sure to check our Ortur Laser Resource Page:

Our Preferred 450nm laser safety glasses:

Material for Laser Cutting:
Acrylic Sheets 6 Count 3mm:

Diode Laser Lens:
Must have G8 replacement lens:
Handy lens for thing stock:

3D Printable Ortur Large Format Laser Upgrade Parts:
-Leg Retainers:
-Cable Management:
-Laser Focus Knob:
-Laser Air Assist:

Other useful parts:
-9mm x 0.5mm lens barrel tap:
-Slicone tubing for air assist:
-Small Air Compressor:

SVG Grid:

Ventilation Components:
-4 Inch Desktop Hood:
-4 Inch x 25 Foot Hose:
-4 Inch Blast Gate:
-4 Inch In-Line DC Fan:
-4 Inch Adjustable Clamps:

Preferred Control Software (LightBurn):

Also if you want to learn more about laser safety, we have linked a PDF form Laser Vision which we recommend as well as their products too:

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