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Ortur Laser Resource Page!

Affordable Ortur Desktop Laser

Ortur Laser Master is an affordable desktop solution for DIY Makers and Crafter’s offering high power visible light laser options for marking, engraving and even cutting many materials with ease! In addition, its operation can be simplified with the addition of the LightBurn software turning this tool into a Makers/Crafter Swiss Army knife! [Scroll Down To Learn More!]

To catalog the various instructional videos which we have created for the Ortur Laser Master, we have created an easy to access playlist which you select from just by clicking on the “hamburger” stack in the upper right corner of the embedded video player.

Quality Laser Safety Glasses for the Ortur Laser Master!

The ‘light’ from powerful lasers can be concentrated to power densities (power per area or watts/cm2) that are high enough to evaporate tissue, metal or ceramics. Because our eyes are much more sensitive to light they are at increased risk. In fact, it is possible to cause irreversible ocular injury with just one glance into a direct or reflected laser beam even at lower power output levels.Proper eye safety is critical when working with high power lasers so it is important you have a quality pair of Laser Safety glass which (1) cover the operating wavelength of your laser (450nm for this version of the Ortur – however double check yours!) as well as offering an optical density of preferably +6 i that range as these do. Click Here (or image) to learn more about these affordable high quality safety glasses!

One the best upgrades you can make for your Ortur Diode Laser is the upgrade to a G8 single element lens (see more here: ). As what makes this lens is a long focal length single element glass lens with a broadband AR coating. This model G8 lens has a 90% pas efficiency which is amazing for a longer focal length lens. It also does an amazing job of cleaning up stray light around the projected [focus] spot with many common diodes caused by the small amounts of uncollmated light escaping from the lasing cavity reflecting off things like the edge of the emitter, walls of the module or inner walls of the lens barrel. This effect causes things like the ghost box image which is projected under the spot generated from the newer very high power diodes when using a short focal length single element lens like the DTR-G-2 or countless other similar lenses being sold as G-2’s. In short, the G8 single element creates a greatly reduced [focus] spot size while maintaining a 90% pass efficiency compared to the 96% pass efficiency of a DTR-G-2 offering greatly increased power at an increased focus distance.

Ortur Laser Cable Holder_x3.stl You will need to print three (3) of these and for the X-Axis you will use an existing hole in the mounting plate (again see photo). For the Y-Axis you will need to drill two 3mm holes and you will require 3mm bolts (see more This part does have modeled threads on one side so the direction is important (as the other side is a pass though hole). Worth note I did for the Y-Axis also 3mm nuts because of the extra stress however this is up to you. Also, while the cable wrap does snap into the sleeve, we recommend small zip-ties as you see in the pictures. Too, for the most part the X-Aixs which is the most problematic is held out of the way, however you could also add piece of solid picture hanging to stiffen it more and hold it vertical. Ortur Laser Cable Holder Laser Head.stl Requires only one and attaches to the laser head with the two existing bolts and receives the cable race from the gantry. Again use a zip-tie to restrain the cable.

One thing which we quickly discovered was the diode laser (of the Ortur Laser Maser and other similar units) is a huge pain to focus so to solve the problem we designed and 3D printed this handy thumb knob which fits around the 18mm [dia] lens and cinch;s in place with a single M3 bolt (see more here: M3 . Also the threads [for the M3 bolt] are modeled so no need for a nut however we also used a 3mm washer on the bolt head for good measure. This has been a super handy addition to the Ortur laser and if you want learn more about this cool gizmo. Well you are in luck as we created a video all about and here it so we hope you find it as useful as do and enjoy it!

Ortur Laser Mater Modifcations!

We also wanted to mount the Ortur Laser Master semi-permanently so we designed these leg retainers. Since the Ortur leg have a 6mm pad, these retainers were designed to receive the legs (all four) and hold them while attaching to 2 foot x 2 foot board using self taping M4 screws. There is a left and a right and they flip when you mount them to the back of the machine and the screws should face outward as in the pictures. If you need, the Ortur Laser will simply lift straight out if you need it too other engraving and cutting jobs! Want to learn more about this design and other related designs? Check out this video we about the design as well as the installation of the retaining legs and we hope you find these as useful as we do for our Ortur Laser Master!

One of the best investments you can make for your Ortur diode laser (see more here: ) is an upgrade to the G8 single element lens (see more here: The Magic of the G8 lens is a deep focus with fewer elements then the standard lens offering a lot tighter focus at a distance. However how do you fit this to your Ortur diode laser? With this we designed two options one with modeled threads however becuase of how fine these are (9mm x 0.5) and FDM printer can not resolve these however an SLA printer can so we have two models, The first is for an SLA [resin] printer and the second for an FDM printer. The later uses a press and twist concept to self thread the lens barrel into the knob.