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Shop Talk – Is your Z Axis is Lying to YOU?

In this episode, we will be looking a bit of a mis-truth if you will in the 3D world as can your Z-Axis really print say .1 or .3mm layer heights? Most likely not! Say you put in 0.3mm layer height into your slicer and you Z-Axis will try to accommodate you but can it really?

Optimal layer height for your Z axis calculator:

Creality Owers you looking for a second Z-Axis:

Not End giving you issues on your Creality CR-10:

Note to advanced users: I tried to keep this video at an “intermediate” level and did explore “micro-stepping” nor pitch angles on the lead screw. So yes I am aware of both of these, yet felt they were byonded the intended scope of this video.

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