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TPU Filament Guide

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane):

Is a rather flexible as well as abrasion resistant, rubbery thermoplastic which is found in traditional manufacturing methods for making consumer products such as protective cases as well as in industrial products like belts. Based upon the blending of filament used, it can be rather soft and elastic.


In the 3D printing community,  it is typically used to print flexible as well as durable parts which are able to withstand temperature up to 80 °C.


3D printing with TPU:

TPU unlike other thermoplastics because of its flexible and conformal nature will have strong interlayer adhesion as well as no curling or del-lamination when printed on a 3D printer.


TPU 3D printing requirements:

Any 3D printer with a hot-end extruder system which is able to handle very flexible materials as well as be able to withstand ~ 240 °C on a continuously run as Thermoplastic polyurethane will extrude between 225 °C to 250 °C


Material Printing Temperature Heated Bed Required (Y/N) Heated Bed Temp
TPU 230 – 250 °C Yes 60 – 80 °C

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